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The next Virtual International Workshop on Confocal Microscopy and Quantitative Histology will be March 7-11, 2022

Restructuring Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic
After holding in-person workshops since 2003, the academic portion of the workshops has been changed to a virtual format.  The August 2020 Workshop was the first held as a virtual event.  Workshops are now offered in two separate components- a virtual academic portion and a hands-on practical portion offered when in-person events are again possible.  Download the restructured syllabus for detailed information and watch the video introduction below.

See August 2020 virtual workshop Survey Monkey results

Note- the video cites August 2020 dates, the next virtual workshop dates are March 7-11, 2022 and the early bird discount ends January 21, 2022  

International Society for Stereology and Image Analysis      Prof. Daniel Peterson, President of NeuroRenew, was recently elected to the Governing Board of the International Society for Stereology and Image Analysis at the recent annual meeting in Aarhus, Denmark   https://www.issia.net

Registration for the Workshop is Now Open.  New Workshop topics this year include:

  • Artificial Intelligence for Quantification
  • High-Throughput Confocal Stereology
  • Cleared Tissue and Light Sheet Microscopy and Stereology

The next Workshop will be offered on

March 7-11, 2022

On-line registration now open

Register early as workshop capacity is limited

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About NeuroRenew

The use of multipotent stem or progenitor cells offers great hope for treating injury or disease in many organ systems, including the brain and spinal cord. The development of therapeutic strategies for use of neural stem cells may rely on the ability to recruit or reprogram endogenous neural stem cells within the adult brain or may be achieved through the transplantation of identified populations of neural stem cells into injured brain regions. Success in developing clinical treatments will depend upon basic research. NeuroRenew, Inc. offers expert consultation and training in the analysis of neural stem cells in animal models for academia or industry.

Mission Statement:

NeuroRenew, Inc. provides consultation and training for biomedical research into the use of stem cells for brain repair and in the regulation of neurogenesis in the adult brain. We are not involved in clinical trials at the present time.

NeuroRenew, Inc. also conducts intensive, multi-day, hands-on training workshops in the use of confocal microscopy and design-based stereology. These techniques are critical for cutting-edge qualitative and quantitative histological analysis for biomedical research. One day short courses may be offered in conjunction with major scientific meetings.